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Finnigan Update – January 2019



January 2019


Dear Ones:


We’re “checking in” once again from Ohio on the coldest day of the year so far (-3 F). Things here have almost come to a stand still with folks staying by the fire. We’re so thankful to have a roof over our heads when so many are homeless. The Mission is “packed” with folks trying to escape the cold, while enjoying some hot food and a warm bunk. Their obvious physical needs are only overridden by their desperate need of salvation in Christ.


My classroom has been filled lately with men whom God has seemingly “arrested” with His Word. It’s obvious that a good number have developed a hunger for more than the dinner menu. I’m witnessing the power of the Spirit bringing conviction and change. It’s a unique blessing to speak for a solid hour in the midst of a “holy hush.” (with no one sleeping) There’s a stirring of believers with a corresponding awakening of sinners. PTL! Continue to pray much for us, including the Mission leadership and staff. Satanic opposition can almost be “tasted.”


My dear wife continues to heal in many ways. Not only has she gained physical strength, but her memory and thought process have been much improved. How Good is our God to meet us supernaturally in the midst of a hectic schedule! Prayers have been marvelously answered after many years of waiting. I’ve been filling the pulpit of a local church seeking a pastor. Yes, it’s added to my many other tasks, but delightfully so. I sense that God has prepared me for this hour. I said again recently, that “when I grow up I want to be a preacher!” Wow! What a privilege!


There’s a real interest in my new release called, “Facing Depression, Exploring its Cause and Cure.” I’m attaching a marketing review of the book that will be dispensed across the country. Pray that many precious souls will find healing and victory in their battle with depression. I would venture to say that no one has fully escaped the tentacles of this malady; but let it be also said that God can and will minister to us even in the “slough of despair.” He still brings fruit out of a garbage pail; it’s called Grace!


Your obvious intercession for Chris and me is so appreciated. May our God reward you accordingly. How wonderful and comforting it is to be part of the Family of God! We love each of you dearly, and pray that God will “do exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think.”


With much gratitude in Christ,


Bill & Chris

Phil. 1:3