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Corona Pandemic – March 2020 Update



March 2020


Dear Ones:

Yes, it’s that time again to share part of our lives with you, but frankly, I’m somewhat speechless. What can I possibly say about the “Virus” that would not be adding insult to injury. The constant focus on this “pandemic” is becoming pandemic in itself, producing widespread fear and uncertainty. While taking sensible precautionary measures, let’s not forget that “The Lord God Omnipotent Reigns;” and has in no way relinquished His total control of this world! (People and the planet) PTL! The “fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom..” If we fear (trust) Him, we need not fear! Then let us go on living our lives faithfully, wisely, and enjoyably with our focus on Him.

Although still on oxygen, Chris has slowly gained strength. The home care rehab is over and I am basically picking up the slack. We have a light exercise routine which helps the blood flow in our “house bound” situation. We’re also grateful for the “angels of mercy” sent by the Lord to help keep our “act together.” God is faithful! While “washing our hands” dutifully, we’re also trying to keep our minds “washed” in the Word of God, knowing that this is a spiritual warfare as well.

My daughter just shared an excellent devotional by David Brown, an attorney and missionary pastor in South Africa. David was one of our outstanding young men years ago during our ministry at Faith Bible Church in NJ. Chris and I were moved by David’s timely and practical exhortation, and we felt impressed to share it with you. It’s brief but powerful, and worth your while. Enjoy and be well.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/297939576959818/posts/2863430200410730/?vh=e&d=n

With our gratitude and love to each of you,

Bill & Chris

P.S. Profound thanks for your gracious cards, emails, and intercession

1Cor. 15:58